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CEO's Message

Welcome to Exchangerzone CO. (EZ), the first and largest financial service provider in Afghanistan. It was founded in August 2016, Waziri Akbar Khan branch was the first location for Exchangerzone. Over the period, the institution grew to include branches in Kabul and envisages to open more branches in provinces.

Head quartered in Kabul, Exchangerzone plans eventually to expand its presence to all the major countries of the world which has its footprints only in Afghanistan today. It is the first private company in Afghanistan outside the banking industry to offer specialized foreign exchange, remittance, microfinance and other selected financial services. The service portfolio of Exchangerzone operates in two divisions i.e. Financial Service Division (FSD), Microfinance Division (MD) what makes it different is its customer-centric approach. Driven by people, product and process, we believe in providing high quality customized and prompt services with value pricing as per the financial needs of customers.

We also strive to develop longstanding personal relationships with our customers. It is at our core and we take pride in consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations. Our strategic plan is to remain locally owned and independent. We believe that our structure enables us to provide the gold standard in financial services including the highest level of quality service, competitive products, and value to our customers. I strongly believe that without improving the rate of financial inclusion, Afghanistan will fight to achieve stable and efficient economic growth. Therefore, We at Exchangerzone are striving to include all those people who are financially excluded. Moreover, Exchangerzone would strive to provide innovative financial products which would differentiate itself from competition to maintain its uniqueness in the market. 

 I take this rare opportunity to express my deep gratitude to our valued shareholders, Board of Supervisors, Board of Management and all other stakeholders for the unwavering support and encouragement you have shown to Exchangerzone, Inc. In appreciation of your continued interest and trust, all members of Exchangerzone will strive in unison to fulfill long-held expectations in earnest. With rigorous internal controls and ethical business management well in place, we aspire to be a transparent financial institution. We will also be at the forefront of promoting ‘Creative Finance’ and financial support for various groups, SMEs and low-income customers, thereby staying committed to our wider role in the development of Afghan economy. We will strengthen our competitiveness to gain the status of leading financial company and lay out a platform for sustainable growth of non-banking businesses. Therefore, The Exchangerzone direct all of our competencies towards undertaking the following five tasks.

  1. To gain the pride of the leading financial service provider in Afghanistan.to pursue sales-oriented business management with new spirit imbued across the organization and cultivate a dynamic corporate culture that values and rewards those who take on challenges.
  2. To lead the Afghan market in ‘financial innovation’ and ‘creative finance’ by offering the most advanced and contemporary financial products using high-tech financial solutions.
  3. Offer easy, cost effective and life changing financial products in financial services
  4. Devote our foremost efforts towards gaining customer trust.  Rationalize and realign existing systems and processes from customers’ perspective, and brace for a new resolve to ensure that change in the organization is appreciated by our customers.
  5. To strengthen our competitiveness through business differentiation and leverage our strength in all the strong areas of financial services to extend market leadership, and seamlessly seek and secure new sources of growth and also work hard to preemptively respond to fast changing environment.

True to our tag line “Your Best Financial Partner” Exchangerzone would be a financial provider that can improve financial inclusion and offer best and customized financial product services at optimal price.

As we aspire to open a new chapter in the history of Afghanistan financial industry, I would like to appeal for your continued interest and encouragement on behalf of everyone at Exchangerzone, I wish you and your loved ones grace and blessings.


Falak Naz - Chief Executive Officer