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The Board of Directors

Exchangerzone Board of Directors (BOD) is the highest authority in the company. The board has established the various committees as reflected in the structure to assist and support the Exchangerzone Board as far as practicable, in discharging their duties. Various mechanisms such as strategies, policies, processes and documents have been implemented and are used to drive and support good governance in practice. The EZ Board acts at all times in the best interests of EZ and takes ultimate responsibility for EZ. The EZ Board has an approved Board Charter which includes details such as the roles and responsibilities of the Board, its Directors and the composition of the Board. The EZ Board is mandated in terms of its Charter. The EZ Board is supported by the six Board Committees depicted in the EZ organogram. These Committees have delegated responsibility to assist in specific matters. These Committees report to the EZ Board on a quarterly basis, and also to other relevant Boards from time to time. The delegated responsibility and the powers, limits and authorities attached to Board Committees are approved by the EZ Board, and such powers, limits and authorities are limited as determined by the EZ Board from time to time. Each committee has its own charter or terms of reference which sets forth its purpose, composition and duties.