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Presenlty the sole investor of Exchangerzone, Inc. is Investone Corps, Inc. which is a a leading holding company in Afghanistan. Following are the brief information about Invstone Corps, Inc: 


Investone Corps, Inc. (ICI) is the largest and leading private investment holding company. The company is subject to the regulations of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA), Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI) and other related governmental agencies of Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA). ICI has emerged as one of the leading investment companies in Afghanistan, and focuses its investment in different sectors and activities in order to participate in economic development of Afghanistan through its companies and by virtue of creating national, regional and global alliances. With its associates, ICI constitutes an integrated group of holding companies with various fields that work harmoniously and consistently each in their specialization under the auspices of the mother company to act as one strong team capable of competing and executing mega projects in regional emerging markets. 

ICI holding includes, Agroindust, Exchangerzone, Aria Medica, Coredrillers and Aeroparcel. ICI is a diversified investment company based on Kabul,

Afghanistan, with principle businesses in various sectors such as, mining, financial services, agriculture, pharmaceutical, courier services, etc. Companies under ICI are all privately held and in joint venture with publicly listed best in class international market leaders.

ICI works closely with its partners, frequently transcending sectoral and geographical boundaries. ICI’s goal is to partner with global industry leaders in different sectors thus striving to provide world-class products and services to its local and international customers. Industrial projects are developed in partnership with leading international technical players, while ICI provides critical business success factors like competitive financing, infrastructure, and local/regional business knowledge. 

Looking at the successes achieved since the start of our work, our development is apparent over the years. We have counted our achievements in different sectors that have contributed to community development in Afghanistan and countries of the region.

For more information about ICI please go to www.investonecorps.com  


Exchangerzone is open for attractng invesment from within and outside Afghanistan. Following is the investment rationale of Exchangerzone, Inc. 


EZ is open for partnerships with strategic and financial co-investors who are able to contribute to our businesses throughout their stages of development. Following are the basic principles of our investment: 

  • Liquidity 
  • Profitability 
  • Stability 
  • Safety 
  • Diversity 


Following are the brief encounter of the benefits of Investing in Exchangerzone, Inc. 

  1. Good Corporate Governance 
  2. An ISO Certified Company 
  3. The First and Largest Financial Company in Afghanistan 
  4. Members of various national and international reputed organizations 
  5. Well Positioned in the Market 
  6. An international Standards Organization
  7. Hightech IT System Already Developed 
  8. A Profit Generating Business 
  9. Fully in Compliance with Govermental Agencies 
  10. A Comprehensive Strategy to Win is Already in Practice 
  11. Industry Expert Staff