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Microfinance can build your future

While in essence, there is a significant amount of hearsay about micro finance and micro credit institutions, it’s important for us to clearly highlight the importance of micro finance in our economy:

Providing access to funds
Most of the time, people who cannot access funding through banks acquire financial services through informal relationships which are more than likely unreliable. In addition, most banks do not offer loans to low and middle income earners because of their employment history, lack of financial security and nature of their occupation. Exchangerzone is more accommodating to this section of the population by providing our financial products at flexible rates that suits the individual.
Encourage self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship
In Afghanistan, many people running small and medium enterprises have viable business plans. However, most of these SMEs lack sufficient funds to meet start-up costs and/or grow their businesses. Exchangerzone offers business loans that could be used to start up and/or expand businesses allowing them to meet their working capital requirements.
Emergency response
Due to banks slow response rate, individuals usually turn to micro finance institutions for emergency credit. Exchangerzone offers personal loans to individuals with a quick response time providing them with sufficient capital to meet emergency monetary problems that may arise.
Extending education
A high percentage of parents in Afghanistan find it difficult to pay school fees or find themselves having to settle for cheaper schools because of lack of sufficient funds. In addition, most schools require school fees to be paid for in full. Exchangerzone offers an attractive school fees financing package that enables parents/guardians to pay for their children’s school fees in monthly installments while we pay the school in full. This eases the burden of paying school fees in a lump sum.

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