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Financial Consulting


Exchangerzone Consulting Division is providing great quality professional consulting services at optimum prices to individual, corporates, national and international NGOs, and government agencies. We are the first company in Afghanistan that provides wide range of specialized services at international standards. Exchangerzone Consulting Division has over 50 full-time highly qualified staffs in Kabul, and a pool of over 120 professionals across all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. We have 12 international consultants working for us. We at Exchangerzone Consulting Division strive to serve our clients with the highest levels of efficiency, integrity and accountability.

We work in key business areas of audit, advisory and consulting services including taxation financial management, investment analysis, financial market research and feasibility studies, financial institutions management services, risk management and training services.

Auditing Services

One of the most challenging jobs in Afghanistan is to manage the finance of a company according to the international best practices and standards. Exchangerzone, Inc. provides high quality, and most comprehensive and rigorous, financial auditing services in Afghanistan. Our financial services are based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Afghan Laws.

Taxation Services

Our taxation services will support companies to compute and clear their tax obligations. This will help businesses to comply with government of Afghanistan and control tax evasion. Exchangerzone has a pool of national and international specialists in Afghanistan taxation.

Accounting And Financial Management Services

Accounting and financial management is the key to ensuring transparent business operations. Services under this head include ensuring mandatory monthly, quarterly and annual filings are submitted correctly and on time. The company will conduct state-of-the-art financial management technology for our clients.

Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management Services

Our Investment analysis and portfolio management services are designed to target key review stages across the program life cycle thus equipping customers with the information they need at the right time. Whilst these services are configurable to your requirements, they are broadly defined as below:

  • Economic Analysis for a sound justification for program approval and realistic return on investment
  • Investment Appraisal for a rigorously consideration of thorough analysis of potential courses of action
  • Design Trade Studies for in-depth comparisons that provide detailed insight into the costs and interfaces of alternative systems
  • Cost Analysis and Decision Support for identification of financial resources required and provision of robust analytical data for affordability reviews.

Market Research Services & Feasibility Studies

Exchangerzone uses a holistic approach that combines trained local staff and cutting edge technology to ensure accurate, timely and reliable data can be gathered across thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, and analyzed quickly and comprehensively. Exchangerzone, Inc. market research services include labor market studies, cost-benefit and policy analyses, research on best practices and many other related areas.

Financial Institutions Management Services

The financial industry in Afghanistan has grown tremendously but is still in infant stage. Exchangerzone, Inc. offers professional bank and financial institutions management services. Our services in this section includes all the areas of banking i.e. operations, risk management, credit, compliance, IT, investment, customer services, anti money laundering and CFT etc.

Risk Management

Exchangerzone team has many years of experience in identifying, measuring, prioritizing and proposing risk mitigation measures for the financial sector of Afghanistan. Exchangerzone provides risk management for financial institutions while maintaining international standards.

Exchangerzone Training Services

Training and development of employees forms an essential function of any HR department. Exchangerzone Training Services is established to provide international standards training for banking and finance sectors. Exchangerzone offers best training services through our subject matter national and international professional specialists.

Enterprise Risk Management Services

We offer comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management service, allowing you to select from a wide range of specifically targeted services or purchase an integrated end-to-end service that will allow you to better understand the risks as well as SWOT analysis associated with successful delivery of your project or business objectives.

We can support you through the process of identifying potential risks through facilitated workshops and the generation of a comprehensive risk register, helping you to evaluate technical and project/program risks and identify cost-effective mitigation actions. We can then use this information to undertake quantitative risk analysis (both cost and schedule) to highlight the key drivers to delivering your objectives and focus management attention.

Wealth Management Services

Wealth management is a professional service which is the combination of financial/investment advice, accounting/tax services and legal/estate planning. In general, wealth management is more than just investment advice as it can encompass all parts of a person's financial life. We are the first company in Afghanistan to offer wealth management services. Our professional national and international team is committed to offer best quality services with competitive prices.

Corporate Finance & Restructuring Services

Our Corporate Finance and Restructuring practices is focused on delivering restructuring and business transformation solutions. Committed to our clients’ success, our professionals address the full spectrum of financial, operational and transactional risks and opportunities. Among our core strengths is providing expertise in guiding companies through the value creation lifecycle. Our targeted offerings include restructuring, insolvency, litigation support, interim management, capital market advisory, post-acquisition integration, valuation, tax advisory as well as financial management and performance improvement solutions.

Finance Performance Management Services

We help develop a holistic view of performance drivers and improve the connection between business performance and incentives. This work enables CFOs to provide decision-makers with information that is timely, readily accessible, and relevant – along with the confidence and transparency they desire.

Finance Process Improvement Services

We help improve, rationalize and enhance core finance processes such as accounts receivables and payables, fixed assets, close-consolidate-report, planning-budgeting-forecasting and data/management reporting.

Finance Strategy Services

We help develop a vision, strategy and plan that is linked with company objectives, and also offer innovative one-day workshops to facilitate strategic planning and executive alignment.

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