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Financial Services


Financial services division is one of the main divisions in Exchangerzone’s service portfolio.

The main businesses of financial service division will include exchange bureau, money transfer, issuing debit, credit and prepaid cards, ATMS, payment solutions, and insurance.

Foreign Exchange

Currency Exchange is one of main business of Exchangerzone, Inc. Exchangerzone, Inc. provides exchange services for all major currencies. The Company makes the currency exchange process simple and hassle free. Customers get the currency exchanged at very competitive rates. The branch network is also linked so that the company can offer competitive rates according to latest trends and fluctuations in the international market.


Money transfers/remittances is part of Exchangerzone, Inc. key business lines. We transfer money nationwide and globally with ease, convenience and best rates. Through our partnership with international money transfer platforms including MoneyGram International, there is no destination too far or too remote for our remittances. Armed with unmatched financial sector experience, we support our clients by providing best–in-class, comprehensive products and services that are created to offer convenience, value addition and security. Our money transfer services can be via online and offline modes. We also provide suppliers payments with the peace of mind and customer service that you need to get through the process while making you extra profit. We're also always on hand to help.

Bill Payments

Exchangerzone will facilitate payment of bills for electricity, water as well as mobile top up cards. This will be done at a very reasonable fee via the many payment instruments that Exchangerzone has including KIOSK machines, POS etc. We will also offer convenient and cost effective payroll services after getting the DMFI license or similar arrangement.

Debit And Credit Cards

Trends in international business and travel are gravitating towards cashless transactions. In response to this, Exchangerzone will offer a set of credit and debit cards to facilitate transactions and money transfers. These products will be offered upon approval of our DMFI license from DAB or similar arrangements.


Exchangerzone is in the process of obtaining a deposit-taking license in order to offer savings and fixed deposit products. Deposit Receipts (FDR) for customers will be in three options: 3 months, six months and 12 months - all having different rates of return.

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