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Exchangerzone Investment Division is a highly important division of Exchangerzone, Inc. The investment division of Exchangerzone focus on investing in various business sectors to build long term relationship and enduring values by establishing a national reputation for vision, integrity and innovation.

The investment division will invest in any attractive option including gold, PPPs, business partnership, bond, new venture, fund, stock, real estate, deposit, currency etc. The decision regarding every investment is carefully and rationally taken to make sure we maintain our reputation in generating high ROI for our shareholders.

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Exchangerzone provides in-depth understanding of financing and policy at the public-private interface. Our network across the globe enables us to provide consultation in various aspects within the PPP framework, ranging from raising funds for infrastructure projects to procuring private sector partners for our public sector clients.

Partnership Financing

Partnership Financing is a mode of financing in the form of a partnership between Exchangerzone and its client whereby each party contributes to the capital of the partnership in equal or varying degrees either to establish a new project or share in an existing project.

Cost Plus Financing

Cost Plus Financing

Exchangerzone now offer cost plus financing. This has been adopted as a mode of financing by a number of banks/MFI/FIs. As a financing technique, it involves a request by the client to the FI to purchase a certain item for him. The Financial Institution does that for a determined profit over the cost which is settled in advance.

SME Enterprising

This product of Exchangerzone is specifically designed for investment in SME sector. Exchangerzone investment analyst after an in depth investment analysis of innovative business plans will take decision to invest in this sector. Exchangerzone can also fund innovative business ideas based on partnership model or purchase the whole idea. The company is looking to raise finance for investment in SME sector.

Investment Fund

An investment fund is an investment vehicle made up of a pool of funds collected from many investors for the purpose of investing in various investment schemes. This product will be offered upon approval of deposit taking license from the Central Bank (DAB) or similar arrangement. Exchangerzone specialized investment team works very hard to identify business opportunity that are safe, profitable and liquid. We are committed to investing in business investment schemes that have high return on investment to our clients.

Business Innovation Financing

Exchangerzone is supporting Employment and Enterprise Development in Afghanistan by providing business innovation funding to the innovatinve business ideas. This fund aims to incentivize private sector led investment in pro-poor innovation by catalyzing innovative business models that improve access to markets and contribute to income and employment generation in Afghanistan. 

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