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Exchangerzone Micorfinance Division was established to offer a wide range of easy, flexible and competitively priced microfinance services for Afghans. Our demand-driven microfinance products are designed to meet the needs of both formal and informal sectors in the areas of education, trade, services, agriculture, transport and low-cost housing. There are special products for the economic empowerment of women. In the near future Exchangerzone will obtain a deposit-taking license from the Central Bank in order to mobilize deposits and expand the range of financial services. We are also planning to gradually transform our microfinance activities in Afghanistan into Shariah compliant.

Education & Training Loan (ETL)

We support the education sector to build the capacity of human capital in Afghanistan for both boys and girls. We finance tuition fees for secondary and university education or skills training courses in and outside Afghanistan. There is a special consideration for female students.

Salaried Employees Loan (SEL)

This loan is for salaried employees in government and the private sector. Repayment will be from monthly salary. Loan installment will not exceed 30% of the net monthly salary. A letter from your employer will be required to confirm your employment and salary.

Auto Mobile Loan (AML)

We can finance your dream of owning a motor vehicle for personal or commercial use e.g. a personal car, taxi or small truck for delivery of goods. Applicants will need to have 25% of the cost of car which can be used as cash collateral at Exchangerzone or down payment for the vehicle.

Agro-Processing Loan (APL)

We support agriculture by financing purchase of machinery for agro-processing or related activities that promote value addition for agricultural products e.g. wheat processing, milk processing, fruit packing, etc. The loan can also be used for working capital in agro-processing sector.

Business Development Loan (BDL)

This is a loan for small businesses. It can be used for business expansion (working capital) or for purchase of business assets. We require 6 months experience in business, repayment capacity and good character.

Business Growth Loan (BGL)

This is a loan for larger businesses. It can be used for business expansion (working capital) or for purchase of business assets. We require 6 months experience in business, repayment capacity and good character

Group Guarantee Loan (GGL)

A loan for Groups and Associations with membership of 5 - 10 people who are willing to guarantee each other. You should know and trust each other and be doing business in the same location. The loan is for expanding your business.

Women Empowerment Loan (WEL)

This product is specifically designed to economically empower women entrepreneurs working in homes or shops. We finance women business owners with more than 6 months experience in any legally acceptable business. The service fee is very low.

Gold Secured Loan (GSL)

The Gold Secured Loan is provided to persons above 18 years who can secure their loans with gold or gold jewelries. It is for men and women with gold that can be deposited in Exchangerzone as loan collateral. Loan amount will not be more than 60% of quick sale value of the gold.

EZQastoona (EZQ)

With our EZQastoona facility, you can now own a household asset like fridge, generator, TV set or even your desired smart phone. We will purchase the item for you and you pay back in easy monthly installments. Islamic financing principles are applied.

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